Sunday, 14 December 2014

Choose Your Poison

There are two things that you shouldn’t linger on when planning a trip. First don’t spend too much time on the government travel advice website. It reads like the Daily Mail and will ensure that you only ever travel to the Spain to a five star hotel; where they only speak english and only serve cod and chips. The second is travel health advice. Honestly. This stuff makes for a depressing read. After I was done, I thought I was going to catch Ebola just from visiting Africa on Google maps.

Fortunately if you are a reasonable human being and understand that these are just risks. You should just mitigate the risks as much as possible by getting vaccines and taking the right precautions. I have an agreement with my travel nurse.  My job was to turn up on time. Her job was to stick me with as many thing as it took to ensure that I was suitably immune enough that I would be able to confidently lick any puddle in rural Asia and survive long enough to make it back to civilisation.

If you need travel advice stick to travellers forums. They’ll give you a much more rounded view on what to expect once you get there. Don’t bother reading the Daily Mail.GOV.

More to follow….

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