Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Choosing A Path.

"This wasn't something you decided in the last month or last year Tom. No, you made your decision long ago; when you first wonder what it would be like to a look upon an ancient ruin or gaze awe-struck at the sunrise over a mountain." I had a rather love hate relationship with the way Nadia always managed to put so elegantly, things that I failed to put into words. Despite my best impression of someone who wasn’t at all impressed with her gorgeous collage of adjectives. I smiled and thanked her.  She always knew what to say. Dammit.

There are currently two months to my predicted launch into the unknown. A trip starting in Asia I have been “planning” for the last three months. As procrastinators go I thought I was faring pretty well.  I’d so far managed to procure all manner of gadgets, but I had yet to work out the most important part. Where do I start? The problem, I decided was that I had the decision making skills of a puppy being released into a new home. In my thinly veiled defence I had come up with an ever-growing list of destinations that resembled no logical order. Perhaps I should just resign myself to the age-old technique of spinning a globe and stopping it with a single digit to determine a start point. Or better yet, throw a dart at a printed map. These are of course both terrible ideas. I’d decided long ago that I wouldn’t leave any big life choice to fate. I’m of the opinion that indecision left long enough is in the end a decision in itself. So it’s time to make a choice. 


  1. Have an awesome time matey, please be safe and document everything! I shall be following your escapades :)

    Nigel W