Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hong Kong

Meaning ‘Fragrant Harbour’ this former British foothold in Asia still proudly displays its colonial roots, with the obvious exception of a rabid and unrelenting opium problem. Amongst the ultra modern skyscrapers and plethora of retina piercing neon signs you will witness a city that is modern, clean, dilapidated, and dirty. Unapologetic in its lived in appearance, yet sporting a romantic charm this place is just begging to be witnessed.

 With well over a thousand restaurants you are never far away from tucking into some delicious Dim Sum or Won Ton. If you are working at the lower end of the budget scale you may have to turn a blind eye to the kitchen hygiene, the staff certainly do. But as ever, fortune favours the brave; if you are willing to go off the beaten track you will often be rewarded with not only a taste of Hong Kong’s everyday life but its unique fusion produce.

My bravery was limited to attempting to eat chicken feet only once.

The number one sight to see in Hong Kong is its aforementioned collection of skyscrapers that sit along its bay. Stand on the Avenue of Stars and witness a view staggering, if not for its individual appearance but for its surprising tranquility. For a closer look take the star ferry across the bay.

I have plenty of exploring yet to do so expect more to come, but for now dear reader. I hope I have wet your appetite.  

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